5 Values We Uphold at Work Work Cars

In looking for an employer, one of the key deciding factors to consider is whether or not the company possesses the same values that you deem important. These shape the company’s culture and identity—the principles they adhere to, the philosophies that guide its actions, and the beliefs that influence its decisions. An employer’s core value is a great tool in discerning what lies in your future with this organisation.

In that note, here are the 5 values we uphold at Work Work Cars. With its guidance, we are able to pursue our goal of providing substantial support to hard-working drivers in Singapore.

1. Hard work

There are no shortcuts to success. But we greatly believe that hard work paves the road to your goals. Every turn of the steering wheel, every pull of the handbrake will bring you closer to a better future. This manifests in our earning structure at Work Work Cars. Because you are in control of your schedule, you have the opportunity to earn better as you work harder.

2. Perseverance

Perseverance goes hand in hand with hard work. Our drivers here at Work Work Cars know that it’s not always a smooth ride on the roads out there. Along the way, you’re going to encounter humps. But just like what these are literally meant for, humps are inevitable pauses to set you up for a better journey to your destination. 

3. Camaraderie

One of the many things we take pride of here at Work Work cars is our culture of brotherhood. Our employees are bonded with comradeship. Nobody treats another as a competition on the road. Instead, Work Work Drivers are developed to look after each other—helping one another succeed in life.

4. Work-Life Balance

We look up to our full-time drivers knowing that there’s a loving family behind their day-to-day grind. But we also believe that hard work only pays off if you are able to spend enough time with the people you’re working hard for. Our flexible-hour benefit allows Work Work Drivers to control their daily schedules. This enables more time spent with family and other loved ones.

5. Leadership

Our Work Work Drivers are leaders on the streets and of their families. We train them to always set a good example on the road—abiding Singapore’s road safety & regulations—and at home—being good fathers, sons & brothers to their loved ones.


Driving is a skill that can be developed by anyone through time and experience. That’s why more than technical skills, us here at Work Work Cars focus more on instilling these core values to our employees. Anybody can be a good driver, but Work Work Drivers thrive in life because their characters have been honed to make them both excellent career men and family men.

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