Cost of living used to be very cheap and affordable… 10 years ago. Nowadays, it has become so expensive. Buying a car isn’t as easy as it was before. Just thinking of the down payment, insurance, and maintenance — you know you would have to shell out a lot of cash.

Lucky for you, Work Work Cars has provided an answer that specifically targets this problem. Our solution? A car rental service based in Singapore! With our humble beginnings of just 8 cars in 2012, we have grown to a bigger fleet to serve you better.

We want to give you the best experience of driving your own private car without the worry of having to pay a large amount monthly and added costs such as Excise Duty, Additional Registration Fee (ARF), and Certificate of Entitlement (COE). With so many perks that come along with it, who wouldn’t want to give it a try?

We understand the difficulty of having your own car that is why we have only one objective when we started this business — to give you the lowest rental cost in the most hassle-free manner. We value customer service very much because we know that this is what catapults positive responses in our favour. We will continue to put our effort to provide the best quality of service any customer can ask for.

About Us

One of the hardest challenges of today’s workforce is being able to keep a good balance between career and personal life. Because of sluggish wage increases and rising cost of living, the thought has never been more difficult to achieve.

Our very goal is to help aspiring drivers in Singapore to attain this kind of stability in life by providing full-time opportunities where professionals can earn easily, safely, and conveniently. Through Work Work Cars’ continuous support in the form of employee benefits, growth training, and flexible work hours, our drivers are able to earn better as they work better.

Values We Uphold at Work Work Cars

Values We Uphold at Work Work Cars

  • Hard work
    We greatly believe that hard work paves the road to success. Every turn of the steering wheel, every pull of the handbrake brings us closer to a better future.
  • Perseverance
    You can’t have a good day each day, but we wake up with determination every single time knowing that it’s necessary to go through them in order to reach our goals.
  • Camaraderie
    Our drivers are bonded with comradeship. Each one grows together, helping one another succeed in life.
  • Work-life Balance
    Our flexible-hour benefit allows Work Work Drivers to control their daily schedules. This enables more time spent with family and other loved ones.
  • Leadership
    We are leaders on the streets and of our families. Our drivers are trained to always set a good example at home and on the road.