The Benefits of Working as a Full-Time Work Work Driver

Today’s generations of workforce have never had it easier. Sluggish wage increases and the rising cost of living made it difficult to achieve stability in life, let alone maintain a healthy work-life balance. Being an independent driver is not necessarily a perfect solution either—with no employer to provide benefits and no management team to receive support from.

This is an issue that us here at Work Work Cars are trying to resolve. By providing full-time opportunities for drivers, professionals can earn easily, safely, and conveniently.

To help you understand better, here are the benefits of working as a full-time Work Work Driver.

1. As an employer, we make CPF contributions.

Your CPF account will help ensure that your healthcare and housing needs—in case something arises—will be met. It will also be your ally in retiring comfortably. As your employer, we are required and gladly willing to contribute to your CPF account. We are here to guide you in your journey towards building a stable life for yourself and your loved ones.

2. You are entitled to paid leaves. 

Time with yourself and family should be one of your biggest priorities. As an independent driver, it might be hard to take a day off at work knowing that time out of the road means lost opportunities to earn. As a full-time Work Work driver, you are entitled to paid leaves. You can use these to go on family vacations, attend important celebrations, and other necessary activities that you need to do outside of work—all without feeling guilty about taking a quick break.

3. You are entitled to medical leaves too.

We encourage all our drivers to take utmost care of their health, because as skilled workers, one of your greatest assets is your health. Just like your regular paid leaves, these are given so that you won’t feel guilty about taking a break especially when you know your body needs to. Use your medical leaves to cure a fever, visit your doctor, or recover from an illness. It’s a reminder of how much we care for you as much as you do.

4. You can work at your own time.

Probably one of the best benefits of working as a full-time Work Work driver is being in control over your schedule. Meaning, you can work at your own pace and time preference. There’s no required number of hours or trip needed to be fulfilled—just a monthly target that needs to be hit. Once you’re done, you’re free to continue with your grind or spend the rest of your time however you wish to. To put it simply: the more you work, the more you earn. 

5. You get to bring your car home.

Another perk of being with us full-time is driving a vehicle that feels like your own. After using it for work, you can freely bring it back home. The best part is, you get to use it for personal consumption such as out of town getaways and other leisurely activities by covering the cost of petrol.

Did this make you thrilled to work with us? Come drive with us here at Work Work Cars! Click here to apply.

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