Work Work Success Stories: How a WW Driver was Able to Save For His Own House

Here at Work Work Cars, our goal is to provide substantial support that is necessary for full-time drivers to build a stable and comfortable life for their families. We work for the welfare of these hard-working professionals, anchoring each task, decision, and action in the office to this objective. 

Why? Because we believe that the real heroes of Work Work Cars aren’t the ones who are seated on office chairs. Rather, they are those who are seated on driver’s seats, braving the road every single day of the week.

Fazil, 30 years old, is one of our full-time drivers in Work Work Cars. In the eight months that he has spent working with us, he has proven himself as a hard-working employee—both the administration and his co-drivers can attest to this. He starts his days early in the morning, reaches his quota every month, and continues to drive so he could earn more.

One of his motivations in pursuing this career is his dream of buying a house. Fazil wanted a home he could truly call his own, and he has been working for it day in and day out. According to him, he spent a total of 6 years saving up money before he was able to tick this dream of his bucket list. Today, at the young age of 30 years old, Fazil is an official homeowner in Singapore.

How exactly did Work Work Cars help Fazil turn his dream into reality? In the course of eight months with us, he was able to save enough CPF to pay for his own house. As an aspiring full-time Work Work driver, one of the many benefits waiting for you includes CPF contribution. As your employer, we are required and will gladly oblige to making contributions in your account—something that you may have been missing out on while working as an independent driver. Depending on how you want to utilise your CPF account, you can use your money to look for public housing, fork out cash for private property, or make monthly home loan repayments.

Now that Fazil was already able to cross “own a house” off of his dream board, what’s next in line for his investment goals? His answer—purchase a private property. We say this isn’t far-fetched for a diligent worker like him. 

We take our pride in seeing our Work Work drivers hit their personal milestones. It’s a form of validation that what we’re doing here is right and meaningful. To put it simply, their success is our success too. With Fazil’s story, we are now more eager than ever to continue what we do here at Work Work Cars.

Leaving here a piece of financial advice from Fazil to his fellow drivers: “Don’t live beyond your means; only spend on things that are needed and not wanted.”

Want to start earning through driving like Fazil? Head over here and submit a quick application!

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